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Nothing was the same ;-;


-looks around-


sdjfhsjdfhsjf i havent seen or heard anything of mb in 4 months

I deserve to be smacked.





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I thought that shit would’ve faded by now like, what the hell. That’s not cute. js


“Wanna play?” 

“What’s the point, you never win.”

“I beat you once.”

“That time I had Mono doesn’t count.”

“C’mon, what’s the harm?” he said as he laced his hands behind his head. “Its only one game.”

“Its still amazing to me that after all these years, you still can’t beat me at Monopoly.”

“Well, I have taken the years to develop other talents.” you took a moment to steal another glance at your best friend. 

Wearing his favorite Misfits t shirt and ripped jeans, this was the most relaxed and unguarded you’d seen him in awhile. With his head tilted toward the ceiling, you took a moment to study his profile. Jacob had that exotic look that most boys would die for, and you had no doubt he would only look betterwith age. He had  all the girls at school wrapped around his finger.His brown eyes always flickered with a hint of mischief, and they never offered a promise they couldn’t keep. 

 Your eyes trailed down the side of his neck and down the rest of his body. You couldn’t help biting your lip, even though he was your friend, that fact didn’t make him any less attractive.

 ”Yea, well, I’ve heard about your talents,” you said tossing your hair over your shoulder. You didn’t want to tell him exactly how much you heard, but you’d heard enough.

“I hear I’m actually quite good. Well,” he added with a shrug. “At least that’s what’s written on the bathroom stalls in the girls room, anyway.”

“Cocky is bad for your complexion.” you said as you stood and walked toward his closet to get the Monopoly board. It was in the same place it’d always been. You raised your eyebrow”And since when do you take trips into the bathroom?” you asked tossing a look over your shoulder.

  You watched as his smirk widened, and he shrugged. “Sometimes my talents lead me there. Sometimes the backseat of my car, sometimes their mommy and daddy’s bed. I’m not picky; I go where the work is. Its part of thejob description,” he chuckled.

“You are so disgusting.” As if it were possible, his smile got even wider. You  couldn’t tell him what you were really thinking.

“You’re just jealous,” he said as he slid down onto the floor across from where you opened the Monopoly board. 

You  scoffed, and it sounded pretty convincing. “Jealous? Of what? Your tiny dick? I don’t think so, love.” 

“Pshh, you’ve seen my dick before and it ain’t shit to be snickering at,” he said as he raised his smirked, “more like gasp  at.” The thought of the time you caught him changing out of his bathing suit brought heat to your face.

“If you were three feet tall, you’d be perfectly proportional.”

You giggled loudly as he pulled a pillow off his bed and hurled it at your face. “Don’t make me tickle you.”

“No, okay, seriously. Don’t do it.” You watched as he wiggled his fingers at you, making you squirm. “I promise, I promise,” you said between giggles.

“You promise what?”

“That I won’t tell anyone about your small ass dick!” you laughed as you tried to scramble backwards to get away from his approaching form.

“That’s it, I’m gonna tickle you till you piss yourself.” He launched himself over the game board, scrambling on all fours to try and get to you. He grunted as the little silver purse piece stuck itself in his knee.

You backed up quickly trying to move your legs out of his reach. You were nearly around the other side of his bed when he latched onto your ankle and turned you around. Before he even started his assault, you were laughing.

“No, no, please, I didn’t mean it,” you gasped out between fits of laughter.

“You’re only apologizing because I caught you,” he said as he sat on your pelvis and started to tickle your belly. “Nooo!” you shouted as you  tried to buck him off you, but you couldn’t. He was planted firmly on you pelvis  and you couldn’t move him. You tried hitting him with your hands, but he was too fast for you. “Stop. I can’t breathe. Please!” you managed to get out. 

He slid down and sat on your thighs. “What do you say?” he said in his singsong triumphant voice.

“You’re an ass?”you asked with a wicked smirk. He pinched your sides as you yelped. “Fine,” you said with a huff. “Jacob Perez, you are master of all. Except Monopoly,” you added under your breath. He pinched you again, and you squealed. 

“You’re not finished,” he said with a grin. 

You rolled your eyes before continuing. “You are smarter, faster, and better looking than me, although I think you look like a mexican bug.” His fingers hovered above you threatening another attack, and you rushed on. “You win.”

“Good,” he said with a nod of his head. “You may always win at Monopoly, but I always win a tickle match.”

“That’s because you cheat.”

“I do not,” he said as he brushed his hand over his curly fro trying to look mildly hurt. It didn’t work. 

“You’re not ticklish, Jacob. That’s cheating.” 

“Oh, but I am,” he said into your ear as he leaned down over you. “You just haven’t found the spot yet.” You felt your panties moisten, and  hated yourself for it.

Staring down at you, he opened his mouth to say something when the loud ring of “KHOTL” cut him off. 

“Aren’t you going to get that?” You asked when he made no move to get off.


“It could be one of your whores wanting your attention.” 

He shrugged and moved off of you.”Doesn’t matter. Its probably just Ashley (Random Name) trying to convince me to take her to prom again.”




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